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Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars is on Steam Greenlight!
Alien Arena is on Steam Greenlight - Please vote for us!

Four long years of development have passed, and Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars is poised to take the Arena FPS world back to the old-school, brutal, fast-paced gorefest that it should be! Vote for us on Steam Greenlight, and let's get the party started!


Alien Arena tournament @ The-Party.NL!
MadCatz and Alien Arena will organize a tourney during The-Party.NL...

Stop by the Alien Arena Booth and test the game, the famed R.A.T.7 mouse, the Strike5 keyboard and enjoy the extreme performance of EIZO's gaming monitors. And of course, anyone can take the challenge to win a Strike5 keyboard. If that isn't enough, there will be a chance for everyone to play against eXciteR, the legendary COD player!


Alien Arena tournament @ Winter DreamHack 2013!
Intel is sponsoring Alien Arena at Winter DreamHack 2013...

Stop by the Intel booth and join the Alien Arena deathmatch tournament where you can win a brand new Intel SSD!

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